Computer-to-plate (CTP) know-how is used every day in offset, flexography, and display-printing workshops. Second, owing to the nature of the cutting tool (which is a polished single crystal diamond), solely a very few cutting operations may be realized (in contrast with conventional multi-axis machining), which are primarily limited to single edge circumferential milling (fly-cutting) and ball-end milling, the latter being used if small radii of curvature make fly-slicing impractical.

It’s hoped that microscopic wear fashions which include section transitions and chemical reactions at the tribological interfaces, obtained by molecular dynamics simulations, will make an necessary contribution to the fundamental understanding of micro-machining processes in the future.

Thus, ductile-mode diamond turning of silicon and germanium might be achieved by utilizing diamond tools with a damaging rake angle 30 as a result of compressive stresses are induced in the slicing zone, which decreases the probability of crack formation.

Another necessary application for fs-lasers, exploiting its minimal thermal and mechanical influences, is the chopping of silicon and the excessive precision structuring of semiconductors, as standard lasers trigger thermal melting, cracks and deposits.

All these parts are mass produced by injection or compression moulding or, in the case of glass lenses, by sizzling isostatic pressing, relying on the quality of diamond-turned metal moulds 5 Diamond-machined optical components are wanted for projection methods, displays, laser scanners, sensors, scientific instruments, medical and defence gear, laser beam guiding, illumination systems and lots of more.