Disruptive technology has continued to have its way into the automobile industry since the sector became the norm for transportation.

Latest technologies, such as Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence have been able to find a way into the sector. Making cars faster, safer and comfortable, thus enhancing the efficiency of these cars.

With car companies embracing digitalization in the development and production of their cars and people looking for comfortable means of transportation, it is not surprising that people on Collected.Reviews are buying into these creative and innovative solutions that are making road transport easy and comfortable.

Furthermore, car rental sites reviewed not just the safety, but the affordability and comfortability car technologies have impacted on automobiles. As a result of these, it is imperative to discuss the top four car technologies disrupting the automobile industry.

1.          Artificial intelligence propelled cars

These cars are known as smart cars which do not need to be driven by any human being. As a result of the fact that they are not driven by man, navigation is based on algorithms, sensors and software which are embedded into the vehicle. Tesla and Uber who are both in the technology field are working on these cars by improving on their efficiency and reliability.

2.      Application of augmented reality

With the application of augmented reality, windshields can be transformed into a screen which will help in displaying user information for easy driving. Through the use of a head up display, you will be able to see preview information such as speed, weather, amount of gas, etc. The embedded navigation tool in the car which has been augmented with a hologram will allow all drivers to navigate the highway with ease.

3.      Spy cameras to improve safety

With the use of small cameras also known as spy cameras, drivers can easily spot objects that are difficult to see from the driver’s seat. These cameras are embedded with sensors that curb tire pressures, collision and lane changes. With these cameras, drivers will be able to drive safely and monitor unwarranted activities within and outside their cars. Added to this is the spy cameras gives  drivers a comfort of assurance that they are safe.

4.      The emergence of 3D printing

There is an increasing demand for new spare parts and cars. This need is necessitating the demand for cars that can perform very well as well as the optimization of production. 3D printing technology is enhancing the production of these needs. It is fully used in the production of automobile parts. 3D printing is used in carrying out prototyping which allows car makers to create car tools and samples at a very low cost. 3D printing also curbs losses that might occur in the future when working on high cost manufacturing.      

In conclusion, we can therefore say these technologies have greatly improved not just the efficiency of cars, but also the comfortability it brings. For instance, some cars have internet connections that enable passengers to surf the internet at ease. Innovations and technological disruptions will continue to occur in the auto industry.