When businesses continue to evolve, their customer service changes too. Quality of customer service is paramount when it comes to customer satisfaction. As companies continue to improve their customer support experience, they’ve discovered a new secret tool for the same – Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs). If you are wondering what DAPs are and how it can boost your customer service, keep reading.

DAPs – What are They?

Digital Adoption Platforms – DAPs – are simply software solutions that help both new or existing users navigate and familiarise with certain tools or applications. It includes a range of features such as walkthroughs, interactive guides, and in-app tutorials that simplify the learning experience for users. Popular DAPs like WalkMe enhances the onboarding experience for employees of any organisation. Let’s find out how this works for customer support teams.

Delivering Superior Customer Support:

DAPs can elevate customer support teams in the following ways:

  • Better Onboarding and Training:

When you want to onboard new agents, DAPs help tremendously. An agent who knows the ins and outs of enterprise tools and software is capable of delivering the best service to the customers. DAPs will not only help new hires realise the full potential of these applications, but also help them grasp the required skills and knowledge quickly.

  • Personalised Assistance:

Customers love products and services that cater to their individual tastes and preferences. DAPs are equipped with data analytics tools that will help agents determine the unique requirements of your customers. Armed with this knowledge, they can offer personalised content and assistance, which eventually enhances customer loyalty.

  • Quick Resolution:

First-contact resolution is an important attribute of a good customer service. With DAPs, your agents will be able to find the information and resources needed to assist your customers. And the result? Reduced resolution times, lesser complaints, and happy customers.

  • Self-Support:

Sometimes, customers prefer finding answers or solutions to their issues on their own. Thanks to the power of WalkMe digital adoption platform, self-service is a breeze for customers. With easy-to-access tutorials and other help content, customers can get what they want without having to deal with external customer support. This experience paves the way for improved customer satisfaction.

  • Minimised Support Costs:

Your business doesn’t have to spend a fortune to attain superior customer service. One of the biggest advantages of DAPs is that it helps reduce support costs, while also increasing the efficiency of support teams at the same time. Self-service options in DAPs reduces support requests, which further minimises costs.

If you intend to deliver a customer service like no other, DAPs like WalkMe will fulfill just that. DAPs can exceed customer expectations and increase efficiencies in the long term. Get in touch with the experts to book a WalkMe demo today.