7 Expert Vetted Tips for Installing Solar Panels in Your Home

The consciousness that is beginning to be had about climate change and how much we contribute in our seemingly little but really alarming rate to the climate destruct is now welcome, and solar panels – a renewable energy source – is amongst the top most advised means to be incorporated in every home.

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Installing solar panels often requires the expertise of a professional, and below are five vetted tips that would prove important to installing solar panels in your home:

Safety, then Scaffolding:

It is necessary to put in consideration the state of your roof. Where they are damaged and in need of repairs or a change altogether, it is important that such change is affected. An erect scaffolding should be set up, as it would ensure that safety is maintained during the installation process.

Consider the Location:

It is necessary that solar powers are placed at a strategic location that ensures a high generation of power. Where it is in a poor direction, one away from the sun, or at a position that may affect water flow, a change will need to be made, and outside the cost of repairs, the panel may get damaged from the water leaks.

The Solar Panel’s Weight:

While this depends on the type of solar panels gotten, where the weight is of a considerable size, or one that may prove bigger than what the roof can comfortably support, the ripple effect from when the roof gives away may cost more than just the roof or the panels.

Professional Valuation:

Unlike the set-up of some electrical appliances at home that requires little to no expertise, the installation of a solar panel is one so important, and before any installation may even be considered, it is necessary a professional takes a look at things and advises what, and what not should be done.


Insurance is not only to be considered after installation. Having one to cover the installation process would prove very helpful, as there are so many problems that may arise. It is comforting having the knowledge that should any problem arise, technical or legally, there is a cover.

Question the Quality:

Solar panels are expensive to purchase, but the very fact that they last long encourages many to have them in their homes. The only way to however enjoy this is to have purchased the best suited solar panel for your home. Going for the cheaper option may only serve in the short run.

A Maintenance Culture:

A good solar panel does not destroy easily as it is not moved around. This may however cause many to neglect, which would trigger the spoil that was hoped to be avoided by purchasing a panel of good quality.

Having a contract with a company that takes care of the valuation as well as the installation process is best, as it would save one the cost of seeking different professionals. It is however important that enough research is made on the expertise of whichever company is decided upon.