Small Things That Have a Big Impact on Financial Conditions

To start maintaining a healthy financial situation, we do not have to think about big things. Yes, you can, starting with the small things, then getting used to it, then acting bigger. Everything is in progress and nothing is in a hurry. However, the long process is still better than not doing anything. Here are some small things that can have a big impact on your financial situation. Listen, come on!

Have automatic debit system savings

The easiest way to increase the amount of money in your savings account is to combine your salary account with a savings account, so that you can implement an automated debit system. You can have several different savings accounts to merge into one payroll account. Each time you receive a salary, there is an automatic amount of money taken and then deposited into each of these savings accounts. Maybe you want to divide your savings into multiple accounts for different needs. The debit schedule can also be arranged according to your wishes, you just need to tell the bank. An automated system makes you often unconscious and savings seem to be just accumulated.

Open a backup fund account

Reserve funds are a number of funds that are deliberately set aside for future needs. Maybe you have a travel plan, you can have a special reserve fund for that trip. Or, if you want to buy a new smartphone and vehicle, you will need to have another reserve fund account to prepare for the purchase. It is better to have a financial plan if you want to buy / spend a lot, and as much as possible to avoid debt (credit). You can set aside a monthly amount of money into your reserve fund account to get what you want. Also, create a separate account altogether so you don’t try to use it for other needs. The key is to be patient and stay focused on the goals you have set.

Reduce low-cost purchases

Many people underestimate the cost of the case because the cost and said “just.” He would buy it constantly thinking “worth $ 10” or a little more money. In fact, the seemingly small cost when collected in a month can be up to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. For example, if you often stop by the store to buy cold drinks / snacks or you accidentally buy it over and over again because you think it is cheap, say only $ 10, but if you double the 30 times a day it costs $ 300. these small costs make your spending extravagant. Ask yourself, would you rather save $ 300 more or spend $ 300 a month on less important needs?

Check your account balance regularly

Nowadays, various banking institutions provide internet banking services to make it easier for you to check recent transactions and current account balances. Try not to close your eyes by creating a regular daily account balance, such as checking email and social media. That way, you will be able to make the right decision about your daily expenses if you open your own financial situation. You can also easily set spending priorities if you know exactly what your current financial situation is. You can also immediately use Payday Loans to increase your salary.

Make a list before shopping

Creating a shopping list can prevent you from buying impulsively. Don’t think too long when shopping or taking unnecessary items, you can shop according to a pre-arranged list. In this list you have to think about the items to be purchased as needed. If you find the item you want to buy a buy that is not planned, wait a day. If tomorrow you still want the item, add it to your order list. Then, to avoid impulsive online shopping, you can delete the payment / credit card information stored on your favorite sites and applications so that it is not easy to pay for one more click.