Shoot Aerial Videos with a Drone

Have you just purchased a drone? Do you want to make beautiful shots to immortalize your travels? In this article, we are going to walk you through the essentials for successful videos with a drone. We will talk about the settings and the piloting, as well as the shooting itself. If you manage to shoot beautiful images, you will even be able to sell drone footage.

Shoot Aerial Videos with Fluency

If you have ever seen websites that sell drone footage, you surely noticed that their photos and videos are of excellent quality. It is because they are shot by professional aerial cinematographers who master perfectly the right gestures. As a matter of fact, you have to perform smooth movements while filming with your drone. Indeed, even if the stabilization of the camera is good, abrupt and fast piloting will not allow you to obtain nice shots. We advise you to move your joysticks with the greatest flexibility. Keep in mind that you have time to capture your video and that in the worst case you can start over with the desired shot.

Film at the Right Speed

To better control the movements of the drone, it is recommended to deactivate the sport mode. Without it, the commands will be easier to manage because they are less sensitive. When piloting a drone for an aerial video, it is essential not to go too fast. At reduced speed, in addition to better control of the drone, the battery life will be better and you will be able to fly for longer to achieve perfect shots. On the other hand, when the sport mode is activated, you may see the drone’s propellers if you move at high speed. As a result, your shots may be unusable. By restricting the power of your drone, you will also avoid mishaps during your first flights.

Frame the Aerial Video Properly

To get a great aerial video, the framing part is essential. There is a simple and particularly effective solution to capturing the most beautiful sequence possible: the rule of thirds. It consists of positioning the main elements of your video on the main lines of your framing window. These lines cut the frame into several “thirds”. A grid with three rows and three columns like below is the best way to understand how to place the main elements in the frame. During flight, it is possible to display a grid like this one on the control screen of your drone.