How to choose the best mobile operator in Norway

Having a mobile phone is a great way to keep in contact with friends and family when in Norway, as it offers a superb choice for mobile operators.

The Convenience of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have changed how we communicate with others and can be a convenient way to keep in touch with those who live far away. Choosing a mobile operator while traveling can often be a nightmare, as you need to consider what the primary purpose of your phone will be, as well as how long you will need to make use of the service. If you are interested in mobile phone operators in Norway, you can visit Norskeanmeldelser, a Norwegian review site for reviews of mobile operator services in the country.

Having a phone on your trip enables you to connect with family and friends abroad, as well as sharing photos or videos of your trip. There are two main options available to travelers in Norway. These are prepaid or pay-as-you-go sim cards which are great for short stays such as a week’s holiday, or a contract sim card, which is the preferred option if you are going to be in Norway on a longer-term basis for work or if you have moved there. Should you be traveling and need to choose a mobile operator, you might like Telia. By clicking on the link, you can read reviews of customers who have used this business, and its services which could be useful in making your decision on which operator is best for your needs.

Benefits of Mobile Phone Contracts

Mobile contracts are available from most mobile operators and charge a fixed monthly fee for a set amount of data, minutes to call, as well as SMS, and MMS functions. To take out a contract in Norway, you would need to have a bank account, as well as a Norwegian identity document, which you can get when applying for residency in Norway. The cost of the monthly contract is determined by the package you choose and how much data, minutes, and SMS you plan on sending or using. 

Prepaid versus Contract

A prepaid sim card is the preferred choice for a shorter stay and is available from phone operators and convenience stores. You can buy vouchers for the amount of data, minutes, and SMS you would like from most retail and convenience outlets or online with a credit card. You would need your ID or passport document to purchase a sim card which can be set up in minutes. The cost of a prepaid sim card is minimal and is the cheaper option should you be in Norway on holiday. It might be a good idea to chat with friends who have traveled to Norway before as they might have insight into which mobile operator provided the best service.

It is always best to compare the costs of the mobile operators available, as well as what services each provides. A data package might be more useful to someone who would like to share pictures and videos of their travels and make use of applications that allow free calls over Wi-Fi or data connections. 

Business Travel

If you travel for business to different countries often, it’s useful to purchase a Worldwide data sim card which is supported in most European countries. But note that this option might be more costly than purchasing a prepaid sim card in the country you are visiting.